Lara Croft milking busty Office futa

Lara Croft milking busty Office futa

Corporate Training – A3D release

Corporate Training is out and available on AFFECT3D.COM

Featuring my futa OCs Rebecca and Hana, we are in a classic boss / secretary situation. Rebecca teases and fucks Hana in various positions, until Hana decides it’s time she had some fun as well…

Halloween special – Helena Douglas rides Rebecca

Short halloween video featuring Helena Douglas (DOA) and Rebecca, my OC

Rebecca x 2B in bunny outfit

Short video I made for Easter, featuring 2B in a cute bunny girl outfit and my OC, Rebecca fucking her ass.


Rebecca x Rebecca – short movie

Remember my first blender experiment? Back then it was a product of necessity but apparently a lot of people liked it, so I decided to expand on the idea. This is also a great opportunity to see my progress not just with blender, but as an artist in general.

VR – Rebecca x Elle

My first VR experiment in blender, Elle rides Rebecca cowgirl, VR POV