Excella swings her huge dick

My part of art exchange with stevencarson, featuring Excella Gionne teasing the viewer with her huge dick.

Excella Gionne in a noire pinup

sexy pinup of Excella Gionne I made for stevencarson as a part of an art exchange.

2B rides A2

Nier’s 2B rides A2 in an anal cowgirl.

Supro’s Lana gives Hana a titjob

A short movie featuring Supro’s OC lana giving my OC Hana a sexy titjob.

Generous Donation – A3D release

Generous Donation is out and available on AFFECT3D.COM

This is a collaboration between me and Nyl it features my OC depositing her sample in a sperm bank. When the cute nurse notices her throbbing erection, she decides to give a helping hand.

Halloween special – Helena Douglas rides Rebecca

Short halloween video featuring Helena Douglas (DOA) and Rebecca, my OC